30 Days of Whole 30


My throat is sore.

I just popped a halls lozenge into my mouth.

Gasped as realized it might have sugar or some other evil disallowed ingredient for this program. I am now on Day 3, so absolutely do not want to restart at Day 1.


Decided to start this blog to document my experience with the Whole 30 program from a pseudo-vegetarian [ie: I eat fish (but not shellfish)] friendly perspective.

27 more days without cheese, wine, all grains (including quinoa) and no sugar, hence my anxiety about the halls lozenge. If you eat meat legumes are off the plate as well.
I don’t eat much fish, so I’m following the vegetarian guidelines, which allow for lentils and legumes – “properly prepared”, which I assume means soaked, they don’t explain.

All dairy is off the plate, but all I care about is cheese, having made the switch to coconut milk in my coffee a while ago. Mr.OP is not doing the challenge with me , which means there is cheddar and Parmesan and gruyere and Brie in the fridge. That’s way too much cheese.

3 days in, I developed a headache last night, and am slightly cranky. Wish me luck.


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