First Cappuccino Post Whole30


On December 21st, I gave myself my first Christmas present: a foamy cappuccino. I crossed the finish line of my Whole30 journey on December 1st, and last indulged in a cappuccino (and croissant!) on October 31st, so that’s fifty one days of abstinence from one of my favourites. I did have coffee the whole time, with coconut milk. I usually only have a cappuccino once or twice a week, but it was something I definitely missed.

The verdict: A tad bitter (decided not to add sugar to the mix as the holiday season promised (es) too much of that elsewhere), and not quite enough foam. But the luxury of spooning off the foam and stirring it in, plus the pretty pattern that the barista adorned the foam with all made it worthwhile. 6 days later I had another one, (no pic) with outstanding foam – the kind you could almost stand a spoon up with – and it was delicious, no bitterness, no need for sugar.

SUGAR, dairy, booze and the Whole30 recap

I finished the Whole30

Post Whole30 they suggest reintroducing foods one at a time to check in with how it feels for one. I started with, surprise, cheese!
That was a tad underwhelming. It was cheddar melted on a homemade cauliflower crust w/ veggies pizza. It was tasty, but not “damn that’s fine” tasty. I’ve since had it a few times (in 27 days) and on balance, that’s a major victory for a change in my eating habits. Cheese was my go to snack. Since replaced with veggies and hummous.

Booze: My first glass of white wine, a Sonoma chardonnay was consumed after 35 days of no booze. I didn’t dive right into the booze on Day 31 as it was a Monday I think. I had one glass. It gave me a headache. Now that the holiday season is upon us, I’ve had more glasses and no headaches. Worth it? Yes, while St. Nick and his cohorts are around. Probably Jan 1st I’ll do another booze free stint to keep the early morning exercise vibe going.

Sugar: This one I waited considerably longer to reintroduce. I still take my evening herbal tea plain. But I’ve had chocolates, and a few desserts and cookies (even though they are more or less “paleo ones” – think shortbread made with hazelnuts and almond flour, chocolate cake made with dates and coconut date squares). I think the sugar makes me feel the worst. In particular as it has a kind of “more more more ” association raging inside each molecule. Verdict: Keep this in real moderation for 2014.

Grains: Zero. Unless there was an accidental dose eating out I am sticking with this for now. Feels great.

Overall I lost 9.2 pounds during the 30 days, I felt fantastic once the first ~7 Day period of headaches and fatigue and crankiness passed. Although I never felt that rush of “tiger blood”, I felt more energetic and my runs got just a tad faster. I suspect the “tiger blood” thing has to do with eating a lot of meat, which, of course, I didn’t eat, following a mainly veggie version of the plan. (80-85% veggie, some meals with fish).


I think I’ll largely stick with this eating plan, for the chief reason that I feel better. I may have a croissant or rice-pasta now and then, and adult-beverages will most assuredly cross my lips, as will cappuccinos, but by and large I will stick with the plan. The side benefits include a renewed appreciation for “real food”, for the time it takes to plan, purchase and prepare real food, and for the consideration of real hunger (as opposed to snacking mindlessly), and the value of slowing things down. It made me feel grateful.

All of that will have to wait as there are still a few hazelnut/almond shortbread cookies left to consume and one bottle of Veuve Cliquot to ring in the New Year!



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