30 Days hath September…

I’ve done a few 30 day challenges before and with the exception of one blog project which turned into a year* – haven’t blogged about them. Now is the time.

It being November, it felt like the perfect moment to do the Whole30 Challenge. In a nutshell, it’s no grains, no sugar, no alcohol and no dairy. Being a  vegetarian — mainly ie: I  listen to my ancestors and eat fish) , it seems a bit odd to try this more or less paleo way of eating. They do make some concessions for a veggie approach. Mine is to eat a bit more fish than normal, allow myself legumes (lentils and chick peas – properly soaked;), and stay away from all dairy. Even though yoghurt is allowed on the veggie arc,  I’d like to break the habit of eating greek yoghurt and fruit every day for breakfast.

So far (24 days in), it’s been a challenge, and also a pleasure. It’s energizing – give it a try.



The one that went past 30 days:

*The Obsolescence Project – A year long photographic exploration of the usefulness of useless things. http://obsoproject.wordpress.com


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